New Publications and a Video

The people at Webucator were kind enough to make a video based on my article on dealing with SQL Server Lock Resource Errors. While I am certainly biased, I think the video came out quite well.  They also have a series of courses on SQL Server available here and their YouTube page with other videos is here.

Additionally, MSSQLTips has published another piece of mine dealing with Programmatically Changing SQL Server Linked Tables in Microsoft Access.

I also have a piece of microfiction up at SpeckLit.  It is titled Food Chain.  They have another piece of mine forthcoming that will be available here when it is published.

[Edit 25 Nov. 2015: Fixed a broken link, and put a title in proper title case]


New articles posted.

My article Plotting SQL Server Data for Data Visualization is up on MSSQLTips now and discusses using PyQt and Matplotlib to plot data from SQL Server.

My article Single User Performance of SQLite v SQL Server was posted yesterday on SQLServerCentral.  This one does a comparison of the performance of the python implementation of SQLite and SQL Server under single user scenarios.   It also touches on some interesting performance aspects of primary keys that I came across while writing the article.

Some of the commenters have pointed out that this is a somewhat “apples-to-oranges” comparison, and they have a fair point.  Still, I occasionally run into cases where both are valid choices so I thought it worth writing about.  One comment mentioned that SQL SE would be a more valid comparison, so I may do a brief follow up when I get a chance.