I am a recent graduate from Boyd School of Law and am licensed in Nevada. I am also SQL Server DBA and developer in Las Vegas with over 8 years of database and programming experience.  I have a BS in mathematics along with MCDBA and MCITP certifications.  In my nearly nonexistent free time, I practice Jiu Jitsu, play Go, enjoy time with my wonderful wife and kids, and write about technical topics.

  • LinkedIn profile here.
  • My SQL Server Central articles are here.
  • My Simple Talk articles are here
  • And my MSSQLTips articles are here.
  • My law review article on encryption and the fourth amendment is available from ISJLP.
  • My law review note on the DMCA and willful blindness is available from the NLJ.
  • I have some very short stories at Specklit
  • Guest Posts at History and Now.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    How do you insert sql command within your post? I have created a new site, however I could get sql commands to look like yours. Any help?


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